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Friday, September 22nd, 2006
12:23 pm
So I have a new journal: Frosted_Miika Thanks to my good friend Jay for the name.. I kind of like it.

I quickly invited maybe half my list to my new journal, but if I didn't, just invite me and I will put you on aswell 9I was in a bit of a rush adding). Also, add me.. so I can read all your journals still.. pretty please?

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7:46 am - Finally... only after 4 weeks
I joined my guild about 3-4 Months ago. When i Joined they could clear maybe half of MC. We progressed through quickly (what I felt was too quickly) and immediately jumped into BWL.

We started BWL on a Thursday, and wiped about 7 times on the first boss. The following day we came back for more punishement and downed him on the second attempt. Exactly 8 days after the first time we downed Razorgore we stepped into Nef's room (bastard sitting all high and mighty on his throne). Last night marked the 4th week of when we first entered into that instance... and after a nice long break of 45 mins regrouping and relazing with some Anzac poker...

I'm the little Pink Pigtailed Gnome Mage in the frontCollapse )

Guild: Onslaught
Server: Lightning's Blade

current mood: pleased

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Thursday, September 21st, 2006
4:13 pm - Time to say goodbye to Lil_Blonde_Girl
That's right. I've decided to say goodbye to the LJ Lil_Blonde_Girl. I'm not leaving Livejournal, just starting a new one. I've never really like my username all that much.. It kind of bugs me now everytime I see it.

Only problem is, I don't know what to switch it to.

First thing that comes to my mind is one of these two name: Eyece and Miika. Why? They are my warcraft names. That game pretty much takes up most of my free time. It keeps me sane.. and I like those names.. especially Miika. mind you 'Miika' is already taken here.. but maybe I could go with *Miika* or Das_Miika *shrug* Maybe even Cold_as_eyece (yes, Eyece is pernounced 'Ice')

Any suggestions? Most of the people reading my journal now-a-days have been reading for some time and know a bit about me.. Maybe you can all give me an idea or two.


And when i do change usernames, i hope you all add me again... or I'll cry. Seriously. Laura, Tina, Livia, Carly, Dana, Alex (you crazy artistic amazing person you), and all you other people.. Don't make me cry.. :(

current mood: contemplative

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10:32 am - How could i forget...
Last night I met up with vulpecula for some Banada Margaritas at Montana's after she was finished work. We were only there for about an hour but we had some good chats and catch-ups.

In all honesty.. I was surprised to see no engagement bling. Yeah yeah... I have weddings on the brain and I know she's the next to get the bling... Sorry Lols... but I think you are. I figured Italy would be a perfect place for it and all.. but I guess I was wrong. Damn Wedding brain! Damn all these people getting married getting these ideas in my head! Damnit it all!

Damn my work too (yup, had to put that in)

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9:37 am - How much I hate my job...
Monday: Come into work. At lunch I go to West50 to hand in a resume and am told that interviews will be next week. Come back to work... dread fills me. I really hate my job.

Tuesday: I put in my resignation. I give them 2-4 weeks. I also tell them by the end of next week I should know my last day. I dont even have a job lined up. That's just how much I hate my job. I better get the West50 job.

Wednesday: Call in sick because i feel like I have strept throat.. again.

Thursday: Really want to call in sick because I feel like shit. Don't. Come into work, feeling like crap and wanting to turn my car around every 5 minutes. Im here. Dreading it. *sigh*

Tomorrow (aka Friday): Will come into work. Will dread it. Will hate every second of it. But I'm probably going to Michigan this weekend. So that will hopefully make my week finish on a good note. Hope I'm not sick all weekend though >_< . Steve works on the Saturday, 2-9 but Dave and I will just find something to do while he's gone. Can't go to LQ... :( Maybe we'll just go and sit outside. He missed out on the final weekend. Maybe we'll drag Tony out with us. Hit up some Ruby Tuesdays and some other fun stuff.

Who knows. All i know is I won't be at work. Woot!

current mood: sick

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Friday, September 15th, 2006
3:16 pm - Back from Vegas... dont want to be back.
Greetings from... Mississauga... boring... boring.. Mississauga.

Why am I here? MAN! I miss Vegas.

Here's the trip:

Tuesday night we get in at about Midnight vegas time (4am EST). We get our luggage before anyone else since we figure it was put on the earlier flight 9score). We rent our convertible and head to the hotel. We get to the hotel about 1am Vegas time and we sleep since we were super tired.

Wednesday we awake to a beautiful scene outside.. a nice, sunny day with the mountains in the distance. The whole trip I couldnt get over how beautiful the mountains were. We ate some crappy food at Mexi-italian in the hotel (Circus Circus) then ran over to the Sahara where I did one of the things on my "Must do in my lifetime" list.... Drive a Hummer. I drop a sweet Yellow H2 sport through this crazy off road track. Crazy steps, hills, angles.. just crazy. No words could discribe the rush I had when I was driving that bad boy.. no words. All I can say is that I could have gone around a second time.. but just couldnt do it. My body wouldn't let me. So i went over to the Speed track and raced a corvette around the track twice. The Hummer was better.

We then met up with a bunch of our friends and walked around our half of the strip (pretty much from Circus Cirus to the Venetian, which was absolutely Gorgious). Unfortunately all the walking messed up my ankle a bit.

Thursday was a just hang out, drink and gamble a bit. I think of the whole week I won $55... spent about $50 in total.. so i guess I did o.k. We're not big gamblers... but $8.75 huge Margaritas are pretty good.

Friday - Sunday was pretty much LQ and drinking. Westland came in Second. Stupid packs with no Lasers.. wtf? But oh well. Sundays after party was pretty fun. It was at some bar in the middle of no where.. but there was food.. drinks and friends.

Monday we walked around the streets a bit more. hit up the Peppergrill.. peppermill? whatever. Some Restaurant that looks straight out of a bad 70's movies. Bright colours.. all rounded booths, and multi-coloured rock sugar in dispensers. I felt I had to blend in so I got myself a Blue Hawaii.. that was the most fitting drink for that atmosphere.

Monday night we left for Detroit, but before we left we had to see the Water Show at the Bellagio. My aunt told me that if I went to see it I HAD to go into the hotel and sit in the patio. So we did.. and the view was amazing! I got some gorgious pictures and even though we spent $24 US on 2 daquiri's... it was totally worth it. We were both in awe.

Our flight was delayed at at around 1am Vegas time it finally left the Airport. Both way we had a stop over in texas (ug.. Texas) and on the way back we slept on cots in the airport trying to get a little sleep. by the time we got to Detroit it was 11am EST. So... 1am vegas time to 11am EsT time.. no need for math.. that spells out super tiredness... then Steve smom decided she would go do errands rather then pick us up >_< so his sister came instead. I will comment no further on that point.

Now Im home.. back at work which I hate.. so looking very forward to this weekend. Tonight is the rehersal for Michelle and Corwins Wedding, and tomorrow Im up at 5:30am to get my hair done, make up done and get all prettified for the wedding. Its going to be a crazy day... unfortunately I miss my other firnds wedding.. which saddens me terribly. It realyl sucks how they both planned it on the same day. I'm going ot try to stop by but it will be hard seeing as they are in two different cities on the opposite side of toronto pretty much. >_< booo!

Monday I'm heading to West50 to put in an application. Brand new restaurant opening up and I want a job there... hey.. laura.. New Restaurant.. workies? More pay maybe?

OMG.. i almost deleted the whole entry.. which means its time to stop.

pictures: http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=0AcMmLZm3aMWLww

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Monday, August 28th, 2006
2:08 pm
hello Lil_Blonde_girl LJ readers!

I need some help. I really don't like reading what-so-ever... But i did kind of get hooked on Da Vinci Code, and I'm about 100 pages from finishing Angels and Demons.

Next week I'm going to Las Vegas, and with the flight being a couple hours I figured I would try to bring a book along but I have no clue of any books I might like. I would like something similar to the above books I mentioned because remember, I dont like reading. The book has to catch my attention pretty close to the start of the book and stay pretty exciting for most of it.

Does anyone have any suggestions? (I would love a lil blurb about the suggested book aswell, not just a title..)

Thanks in advance everyone!

(X-posted to the Mississauga Community, so sorry if you had this twice)

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10:44 am - My first time
Aside from the depressing time of seeing LQ Westland Close this weekend I did something I had never ever done before...

I bought something from Victoria Secret... I'm still shocked about spending $50 on a bra, but i guess it was worth it.. I mean.. its from Victoria Secret and all. I think its currently the most expensive thing I've purchased in a very long time aside from my running shoes which technically *I* didn't buy (my mommy bought them for me), and they are over a year old now.

8 days until I leve for Las Vegas. This week is going to go by so slowly! I know it. It will be torturous and it will make me hate my job even more then I already do (and yes.. that is quite possible).

current mood: hungry

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Sunday, August 27th, 2006
9:53 pm
Im back from my weekend in Michigan...

We spent a lot of time at the LQ since it was closing Saturday night. We played many games, hung out outside in lawnchairs and drank and chatted it up. It was a blast sitting around with everyone, but you could tell most of the guys were depressed about it all inside (but being guys they tried to hide it). To these guys this centre has been a part of their lives for the past 5+ years... and now it is no more.

Today we sat outside the centre again. Chatting and watching them gut the place. Everything was packed up and the large bloue dumpster started to fill up. Again.. it was heart wrenching... very depressing. If that centre never existed I would have never met my boyfriend, and never met some really awesome people. It just wont be the same when I go down there anymore >_<

Saturday night we went to see Snakes on a plane. I really didnt want to see it, but alas.. the boyf wanted to. I think i spent half the movie looking at the floor. I did not like it at all. Waste of time. 1.5 hours of gore. My fav (/end sarcasm). Good thing we got a deal on the tickets with dinner.

This time next week i may be back in michigan preparing for Las Vegas... Not looking forward to flying though.. no.. not at all.

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Friday, August 25th, 2006
3:24 pm
I made a new icon today. Not many people will understand it. Those who do, I hope it made you chuckle a bit.

Going to Westland tonight after work to see the Boy... the boys and say good bye to the Lq there.. so sad... very sad...

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Thursday, August 24th, 2006
9:43 am - The last straw...
Yesterday was the funeral for my friend. Even after all the funerals I have been to, they really don't get any easier. I've just learned to stay at the very back to avoid the contagious cry syndrome. You know, one person starts, the person beside them starts, etc, etc.

So I took off about 2 hours for the funeral from work. I came back and after awhile bad boss asks me for a moment of my time. So into the office we go.

The usual talking about projects and crap, then he says, "So... Everyone thinks you've been interviewing a lot, that's why you've taken so much time off.." <.< >.> ummm... Did you forget I was in a car accident? Whiplash? back pain? I do have to go to the doctors some time... oh.. and did I mention.. MY FRIEND DIED! So to me.. it felt like he was calling me a liar. All the times I said I was going home because I was in pain, or had a doctors appointment or even yesterday when I had to go to the funeral.. I was actualy going to interviews.

Other talk is had about him over hearing how i dont lke working for him, and how good boss wants to take me on full time, etc, etc. Umm.. o.k. The above is true.. But I'm not going to tell him that. So whatever.. shrug it off..

Then he mentions how he doesn't see me as the "type of person to take it upon myself to do extra work to fill my time, no ambition, etc etc" Umm.. fuck you.

and did I mention the whole time he's accusing me of stuff, and pretty much insulting me... He can't look me in the eye? He's looking to the left.. the table.. just looking around.. but not at me! Jeez! If you're going to accus me of stuff at least have the BALLS to look me in the eye.

So i decided. September 29th is my last day here. If I have a job or not. I'm so sick of this place. There's very few people here that i like in the first place and bad boss is just pissing me off. I don't like him. Him as a person. Before it was just him.... as a human being. but not its the way he talks to me, and everything!

I feel bad because good boss is awesome. And i feel bad leaving him because he's a good guy, and needs an assistant. But I can't put up with this stuff! part of me wants to stay until they get a good replacement and I can train them a bit.. to help Ted out and not leave him hanging... but another part of me jsut wants to get out of here.

I applied for a bunch of kitchen jobs.. just because I am so sick of this place. I hate working in an office at a desk for 7 hours a day. I hate dressing up everyday. And this 9-5 crap.. not for me.

There's a new bar opening up at Sussex centre in October so I applied there. I love starting places when they are just opening up. Best trainning ever! So i'm hoping to hear from them soon. Hopefully I can start after vegas. Nothing is going to stop me from going *knock on wood* <-- Dont want to jinx it.

I just hope something comes along soon. This stress is putting me in too much pain.

Now just trying to decide when to tell them. Should I wait until I get back from my 2 week unpaid vacation? Or tell them Monday? I want to give them enough notice to find someone before I go. but I dont want to tell them and leave for my vacation and come back to no job.. o.k.. actually that wouldnt bug me.. I think my mom would be pissed though.

current mood: pissed off

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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006
2:55 pm - In exactly:
14 days, I will be in Michigan
14 days and two hours, I will be in the Detroit airport
14 days, 4 hours and 15 minutes, I should be sitting on my plane ready for take off.

Oh Vegas.. I can not wait!

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Monday, August 21st, 2006
3:19 pm - How much was raised?
I just realized that in my last post I never posted how much was raised in total...

We managed to raise about $800 for the Cancer Society.

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2:13 pm - The going ons...
Friday I spent most of hte evening sitting in a chair, at a door.. collecting money. It was my friends Stag and Doe and it was lots of fun (the door thing was do-able). Like always I was the first one there... "Robyn you have to be there at 6:30.. we're going to get all ready and stuff so dont be late" Me? Late? HAHAHA Even when I try to be late.. Im early.. it's a curse! but anyway.. $30 a person, take the money, explain that for drinks they had to see Shakira (That was her name but it was the best way I could describe her). By the end of the night they had raised about $2500. Mind you, they spent a lot for the hall, the DJ, the poker tables and the slot machines. But they really didnt care. They wanted to have fun.. and for others to have some fun. And even though I spent my evening sitting at a table collecting money... I knew they appreciated it... plus I won a DVD and speaker surround system, and got to drink a lot and made a little cash on the side. It was fun. Ofcourse the one moment I get up from my post to get a drink steve and tony sneak in... bums.

Saturday was the day from hell.

Woke up and went to physio. Not sure what she did to me but I spent the following 8 hours feeling horrible. My neck hurt, my back hurt, I was extremely dizzy, and even nausious.. great wasy to be when i have to run a LQ tournement >_< *le sigh* By 6pm i felt a bit better... had some colour back and actually felt like talking to people. The tourney that night went well. and then a bunch of us headed over to the texas Longhorn for drinks and eats. About 20 of us piled in an hour before they were closing (poor staff) but we ordered tons, drank tons and tipped even more! (unbeknownst to us they included tip on the bills!!)

Now the bad part on Saturday.. yes.. there is a bad part. I called my mom at about 11:30pm to see if it was o.k if Beth could crash at our house. She said it was fine but she had bad news... Our friend who had been battling esophagus cancer passed away earlier that day... She was the reason I was running this tournement this year. I had decided to raise money for cancer. so this put a bit of a damper on my evening. After a little crying on Steve I rejoined the party.. still a bit sad. She was like an Aunt to me, Joan. She was awesome! Always laughing, and the most caring person I know. She never had kids but whenever my sister and I were around she was always so nice to us. My sister always would play with her hair. So hearing this news wasnt the greatest of times.

2 months ago she woke up unable to swallow. Thursday was back in the hospital and we were told she had about a month... today she is gone... :(

*deep breath in.. and release*

Sunday was more tournement play. My friend Tack had agreed that he would eat 72 oz. of steak (or at least try) to raise some more money for the cancer society. We managed to raise an extra $90 and after the tourney (which my boyf won.. yeah) we headed back to the Texas Longhorn (again.. about 20 of us) and huge out.. had fun. lots of chats, and lots of food. Note: The large frozen drinks are $10! OR MORE! OMG! that's why they dont list the prices on their menus.. its a rip off! Anyway... the time at the restaurant is best described in the following picture:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

yes... that describes it perfectly. That's the night I had. Oh yeah...

Today, I'm back at work. Boss #1 is back and took me for Sushi at lunch. Boss #2 is still here and I'm still working for him.. yes.. i am! Why? Because this office sucks! Boss #1 doesnt like this fact. But anyway... I went ontop our companies website and lo-and-behold.. CBRE Southfield is hiring a marketing assistant! So happy people reading my journal.. can we all guess what I did? That's right. I applied for a job in Michigan. Im more then qualified (same job just different country). And I will move down there is I get the job (or any job down there for that matter). I hope I hear something about it. It would be nice. I really dont want to move to the states.. its just if I can get a job there.. why not? Steve is trying for a transfer but cant until April.. and I'd have no problem living there for a year or whatnot just to be closer to him.. then moving back here one day (in the next couple years).

Anyway.. this is probably boring people.


current mood: bored

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Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
11:19 am - Deep breath in.. count to five...
My whole body is stressed out. My back is in pain, my side is actually acting up again (revenge of Skippy, oh noez!)

I've been real bitchy lately, and I don't know what it is. I just get this way every so often when i get fed up with things I guess. Work frustrates me, and the fact I cant do anything real physical activity is really getting to me (as I have bitched about in a previous post). When all that builds up I just start looking at everything in my life and everything that bugs me builds up and I really feel like I am going to lose it. The fact that I don't even get to see my boyfriend all that much bugs me.. and the fact that lately it seems the only time i get to see him is when some LQ thing is going on really is putting me on edge. Not like I'm not use to it (unfortunately) but when you put together all this other stuff that pisses me off.... that pisses me off too. If it wasn't for all this other crap, it wouldnt bug me as much. Unfortunately (I think i've used that word too much already but whatever) I've been a bit snippy to the boyf because of it. He even asked me if I was mad at him last night.. I'm not... I told him that... I'm just mad at the world...Mad at my life, and he's in both of those so he's getting abit of the backlash of my anger. I love the guy with all my heart. Hope he knows that... but I'm mad at the world right now.. so no lovey dovey stuff here (but it wouldnt hurt to get flowers once in awhile or even a packet of bubble gum, pez or even some Pocky?).

What kind of sucks is that if I'm not always cheerful and happy and crap people immediately think I'm mad at them. It's really tiring being happy all the time (or trying to be). You can only put aside the crap in your life so much at a time before you just want to be miserable a bit... nothing wrong with being sad or mad about something. Let it out I say! But I think we should warn people before we do it because as you can see, people will think you're mad at them.. when In fact you're mad at everything.. but nothing directly. Does that even make sense?

I think this thursday should be Annual "Piss off Day!" Everyone just been bitchy that day. Let is all out. Everything that has been bugging you for the past year or so, let it out. Punch a wall, kick a pillow, just write a bitchy LJ entry to let it all out. Don't keep it in. Bitch bitch bitch. Sit in a dark room and listen to depressing music. Cry a tear or two, write some hate mail (and burn it.. cuz we dont want to lose any friends here)... just do somethign to release some anger, some hatred, some stress. Let it out.. let it flow... but again.. Warn people. We don't want to piss off people who do not want to be a part of this liberating holiday... ok.. maybe not. but whatever.

current mood: bitchy

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Friday, August 11th, 2006
11:30 am - More pain them before.. wtf?
I had my first Massage therapy session. It was mostly me telling her what's wrong and her filling out page after page of paperwork to send to my insurance company to get it o.k'd (which could take up for 2 week.. which is retarded!) but anyway. She worked on ym back/neck for about 10 minutes just to see how much of a mess I was in.. and a mess I am.

Afterwards I felt o.k. But then my neck started hurting (more then usual) and this morning my back hurts (100 times more then usual). People say that you must hurt more before you get better... well.. Im not sure if I want to get better at this point. im in pain. I really wanted to call in dead today but forced myself to come in because I knew there would be important work to get done.. >.> <.< Hmm.. important work... where are you?

So the weekend is here. I was invited to a BBQ tomorrow but decided nto to go. Actually i thought I had this family BBQ thing for my uncle on teh Saturday so I rsvp'd to the friend BBQ as a no. Then I find out my mom marked the wrong day on the calendar and its actually on Sunday.. So technically I can go to the other BBq.. but I feel like crap and dont feel like changing my RSVP to a yes I will probably come. I think I'll jsut lay in bed all day and try to get better... and unpack from last weekend. I still have my suitcase lying on my floor >_< boo lots of laundry a head.

Speaking of clothing... I need to go shopping. I know it will be very hot in Vegas and I don't have a lot of "OMG its hot out here" type clothing... so maybe I will try to find some cheap stuff.. of maybe just buy something down there? Who knows. I need to save money.. but i also need clothes to wear! oh the decissions!

current mood: sore

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Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
2:49 pm
So it has come down to either me or thesunroof company paying for my rental car. Where to go from here? I don't know. I guess it's either fight them over it (which I know they won't want to pay for it) or me pay for it...

I've caved. I'll pay the fucking $140 for the rental car for the 4 days. I don't care anymore. I'm extremely pissed that I have to pay for it.. but whatever. I'm sick of this whole situation. I don't feel like taking this to court which ultimately it will lead to if i try to get this other company to pay for it. So fuck it.

This stress is making my back hurt more >_< I hate this. TD Insurance can go to hell. Auto Sunroof can go to Hell. Impact Auto.. well.. I'm not hating them yet. A bit for sending me to that place but whatever.

current mood: pissed off

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12:22 pm - So mental breakdown tuesday.
I stayed home from work yesterday because I woke up with my back in pain. Spent a good couple hours trying to sleep but my back decided it wouldnt let me do such a thing. So I get up and call about my car, "Its finished but we have no cheque so we cant release it" ok fine. I call Autoshop #2 and they say they will send the cheque today. Fine. Around 3:30pm my insurance calls telling me that they wont pay for my rental car past friday because the car was ready then. I point out that the cr yes.. was ready.. but they wouldnt give it to me because of no cheque. Whatever... this chick doesnt give a shit. It was ready, therefore you shouldnt have had the rental. yes.. no rental.. no car for the weekend. Fuck you! So Im getting stressed... stress leads to my back freakin' out and putting me in a lot of pain.. so I have a mental breakdown and have a nice crying fit. Ya.. call me a suck. I cant handle stress well.. but add severe pain into the stress thing.. it's just too much.

So my mom is now handling oall that crap because i cant deal with it. These stupid insurance companies are suppose to HELP when you get in accidents, especially when its not your fault. Instead, they are giving me even more grief and making the whole thing unbearable for me.

Anyway.. last night i decided to get out of the house and go watch my team play baseball... I figured it would calm me down getting out of the house. Man.. i was wrong. It made me realize that I havent played baseball in 4 weeks. Since i was 6 years old I have never missed so many games in one season.. 4 weeks! and this is not the last week of me missing games! This depressed me.. then I realized... two things which made me enjoy my days have been taken away from me because of this fucked up accident. Not only can I not play baseball (and those who know me know that Baseball IS MY LIFE!) and I cant go to the gym either! I would play ball 2-3 times a week, and I'd be at the gym every lunch break monday - friday... and I cant do any of that now. It's very depressing... very very depressing. Going to the gym let me take out all the frustrations I had from work... I could get pissed.. go to the gym.. let it all out.. and come back to work feeling fab.. not anymore. just all the shit from work stacks up and makes me miserable.

I wish I could bitch-slap the girl that hit me (twice) just for making my life miserable.

current mood: depressed

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Tuesday, August 8th, 2006
7:32 am
I decided that today I did not want to deal with the awkwardness of my boss finding out I dont want to work for him anymore, so I am taking the day off because of "my back injury" so it will be covered by my insurance. I have to (hopefully) pick up my car today and get it cleaned as well as try to get a massage appointment in the next couple days to start up that crap... also do 20 pages of paper work for my insurance >_

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Monday, August 7th, 2006
10:10 pm - This might be a long one...
Friday was boring... until my boss brought me into a private room for a "talk". Pretty much him asing me what I thought about boss #2... and me telling him the truth... "I HATE WORKING FOR HIM!" Which turned into him agreeing with me and telling me that he will do something about it, whether it be him talking me on full time (I only work for him 50% of the time and boss #2 the other half) or the company would find someone else. I guess he over heard Mike and I talking about how I cant stand working for boss #2. Boss #1 doesn't want me leaving so he wants to make sure I am happy. So Boss #2 is back this weekend and my manager is going to tell him something.. i dont know what.. but this week will be an uncomfortable one... I'm not looking forward to it.

After work on Friday (which ended at noon) I headed down to Michigan to see my one and only. He was working so I got into town.. checked into our kickass hotel (see: hug room, king size bed, expensive looking rooms, complementary drinks and peanuts and a welcome card addressed to me) and met up with Steve at his work for some dinner together. Ate at Kirbys (one of my fav michi places... Mmm.. gyros and cheese fries. Then he had to go back to work and I heade to the hotel for some Hot tubbing and a Guiness at the bar.

Saturday Steve had to work 8:30 to 4:30 so he was up early and I did something I havent done in many years... watched Saturday morning cartoons. It was fun for a couple of hours, but then I headed over to the mall for some shopping. I wanted new sandles but found nothing that tickled my fancy. I did buy a sweet necklace from Hottopic. Met up with Steve around 2 for some lunch at Olga's Kitchen (more Gyros!) then he went to work and I went to the hotel to lie down (initially to rest before the all-nighter tourney ahead.. but turned into a "omg i feel sick i need to lie down" type rest).

We had the 3man tourney that night. I didn't play (see: Car accident and I'm still pretty messed up). so I spent the night/morning chatting it up with people and just hanging out.

Sunday was a day of rest. We got back to the hotel at 9am, and slept until 5. Then got up... hung out a bit then picked up Tony for some Dinner. Applebys... wasn't too great but we were hungry. We then went to the Emagine to watch Clerks II... I seriously havent laughed that much at a movie in a very very long time. <3 Kevin Smith. After the movie we went to the Rams Horn (??) for dessert. Steve had his usual Banana Split, Tony had some cinnamon roll caramel sundae thing.. and I have a lemon merange Pie (im tired and cant remember how it is spelled). We all ended up with Sugar highs... so Tony was sent home (hehe) and we went to CVS for some Mr. Bubble (I was dying for a bubble bath to soothe my back) and headed back to the hotel.

Today we woke up... went to TGI Fridays, then said our goodbyes and I headed home. Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE coming home? I really do :( I wish I could just move there.

Oh well. back to the real crappy world tomorrow...

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